Recently an adult, I'm re-imagining what's next. I'm not sure if I can properly contain it within this website, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
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You can't be a 4.0 unless you've been a 2.5 4.1

This ain’t my first rodeo.  I’ve done a lot of rodeo-in’….  I designed my first personal website seventeen years ago, that’s 2001!  The Internet was just in knee-pants then, and the only place to ‘blog’ was LiveJournal or GeoCities.  One thing that I’ve learned in life is I have a tendency to be ahead of the trend…. not in a dick way, but in some ways, a curse.  I spend a lot of (too much) time thinking about where we are socially, technologically, and culturally.  Then my brain spirals into ideas that would make positive solutions to meet those trends.  Too little, too early.  I’m not afraid to execute, so my ideas weren’t just empty musings.  I’ve gotten better with practice, as one does.  The launch of v4.1 is meant to represent a re-imagining of who I am and what i do…. forcing me to focus and organize my energy moving forward.

To give a few examples of my pre-mature entrepreneurship…. I launched my own social media website about a year before MySpace. It only had 3 members, but it was special.  Way special.  I setup a live streaming service in my apartment about a decade ago… as a means to ‘capture my life’.  I was promptly called a creepshow….  Yeah.  Live is happenin now, and to be fair, has become a bit creepy. I launched a niche co-working space for video creatives, called The Lookout about six years ago….  right before the world of co-working became saturated.

So now, my plan is to slow my roll just a little bit, implement my lessons learned, and continue to explore new projects.  You can check out what I’m currently working on here. Since I refuse to entrepreneurially choose only one of the many things I like, I’m reverting to just me….  me at 41… as the root of my projects. So you’ll hear from me, see me, and hopefully participate with me here.

This would be perfect to quote my old website.

My updated personal website will serve as a blog and the ‘pillar of content’ for all of my other projects. I’m calling my YouTube channel “The EvangeList”. Following‘s sixth definition, I get pretty excited about things I like, so I’m gonna tell ya.

No, not the second blockquote!!!!!

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Could it be this one?  This is the header text?  Why the last one?!!?! WTF?