Recently an adult, I'm re-imagining what's next. I'm not sure if I can properly contain it within this website, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
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The Q

The Q is a live hosted, interactive gaming network.  Six years ago I co-founded Stream, a live streaming platform. As soon as we did, Facebook Live gobbled up the market. After pivoting from Stream to The Q, we’re honestly pushing the edges of this emerging industry.

It’s kinda the Wild West of this lil niche market. (Yay niche.)  We currently have two game formats.  Trivia, or multiple choice questions/answers, and now what we’re calling “In The Know” or ITK.  Apparently that’s what the kids say these days instead of LOL.  I’m in the planning stage of producing a hybrid talk/game show… where I have a guest or two, talk shit, and ask some questions to our live audience.  Wish me luck.

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April 1, 2019